The scooter (aka “motorbike”) rental company “Krabi Bike and Bake” was founded as a small family business in the beginning of February 2017. Our main target was (and still is) to provide the most hassle free experience to the people who want to rent a two-wheeled vehicle to explore this beautiful province of Thailand by themselves.

We are aware of the most annoying practices of local rental companies, such as taking your original passport as a deposit and trying to make money out of each and every scratch on the bike. And in most cases, the prices for that are just unreal. So we are trying to be as friendly as possible to our customers. Cash money deposits, no charges for minor scratches, real prices for repairs (unfortunately, it happens sometimes), etc.

All our bikes are in perfect condition, no matter of their age. And even if our bike will fail you (highly unlikely, but everything is possible), we will do our best to solve the problem as fast as possible.

And it looks like we are doing good (you can check our reviews on Facebook, Google Maps and Tripadvisor). So do not hesitate to contact us anytime about any questions regarding scooter rental.

Thank you and Welcome to Krabi!

P.S. The “Bake” part of our business is still under construction, sorry =)